The Alliance Group LLC

Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning Line assists providers in designing appropriate services that best satisfy the needs of their target markets. We provide a wide range of products and services that meet this objective. They include:

Strategic Plans. Comprehensive documents that guide senior level executives in their efforts to focus on overall organizational growth.

Marketing Plans. Detailed "road maps" that provide time frames and volume goals for new programs and services.

Preliminary Program and Service Sales Studies. Volume projection information based on qualitative information derived from interviews and surveys.

Market Demand Studies. Volume projection information based on demographic trends, competitive data and historical information.

Joint Venture & Strategic Alliance Planning. Research studies that explore the costs and benefits of forming cooperative ventures with various partners.

Program & Service Volume Reporting Packages. Periodic management reports specifically designed to measure organizational progress in meeting marketing plan goals.

Distribution Network Development. Comprehensive reviews of the distribution network, by geographic area and by service, with recommendations for improvements.

Price Structure Negotiations. Development of  a flexible but forceful negotiation strategy designed to provide and optimize organizational profitability.

Scope of Services


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