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Scope of Services

Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning Line assists organizations in designing appropriate services that best satisfy the needs of their target markets. We provide a wide range of products and services that meet this objective.

Financial ManagementFinancial Management

Our Financial Management Line assists organizations in obtaining the appropriate capital resources to fund their operating, investing and debt service requirements.

Operations & Systems DevelopmentOperations & Systems Development

Our Operations & Systems Development Line assists organizations in streamlining their administrative, logistical, and information systems to provide maximum service levels at minimum costs.

Specialized Industry ProductsSpecialized Industry Products

Many areas of the human and social services industries possess unique and highly technical characteristics. We have, accordingly, developed highly specialized product and service lines to address the issues that are indigenous to these industry sectors.

Revenue Maximization and Cost ContainmentRevenue Maximization and Cost Containment

Our Revenue Maximization and Cost Containment Line assists agencies in both uncovering lost revenue and improving productivity of service delivery staff.

Grant and Other Fundraising Consulting Grant and Other Fundraising Consulting

Our Grant and other Fundraising Consulting Line assists organizations with developing appropriate ways to raise funding. The goal of this line is to increase revenue needed to implement and enhance the organization's programs and services. We provide a wide range of products and services to meet this objective.

Board DevelopmentBoard Development

Our Board Development Line offers products and services to enhance productivity, improve the work environment and increase the staff’s awareness of the agency's mission as well as its goals and objectives.

Team Spirit BuildingTeam Building

Our certified Team Building Consultants are trained to engage team members in a comprehensive team development program. Through effective activities and learning exercises, our Team Building Consultants can develop high-performance teams that work together to accomplish the organization's mission and goals.

Code of EthicsCode of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics Line focuses primarily on assisting management as well as the Board of Directors in designing ethical statements representing the seriousness with which the organization is dedicated to high standards of conduct.

Outsourcing SpecialistsOutsourcing Specialists

We have assembled a group of individuals with the expertise and ability to perform a variety of functions within an organization on an outsourcing basis. The goal of our Outsourcing Specialist Line is to enable organizations to focus on their core activities and increase their own flexibility by outsourcing certain functions to experts in the required fields.


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